CamWorld Mail: August …

CamWorld Mail: August 8, 2002. Lots of mail about my diet. No one has yet called me crazy for wanting to go to Siberia. I realize it’a a very abnormal vacation. I’m intentionally looking for something that is out-of-the-ordinary.

Stolen debit card yields gambling winnings. Ha!

Paper: Exploiting design flaws in the Win32 API for privilege escalation. Apparently the MS Windows API is inherently insecure.

The crisis in Argentina is worse than I thought. Reading this long Washington post article, I realized that the collapse of their economy and the devaluation of the peso was caused by a number of things. I don’t know if there is a solution to pull Argentina out of its death spiral, but I feel bad for a country that was once proud and stable and is now reduced to a pretty horrid state of affairs. I wonder if the U.S. could learn anything from this situation.

I think these numbers speak for themselves. I have no comment except perhaps that birth control education (and availibility) needs to be introduced on a more global scale.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at August 8, 2002 03:25 PM

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