Damn, July is …

Damn, July is a long month.

I wonder if Microsoft’s new software licensing scheme could ever be ruled illegal. Companies are feeling that they are being forced into paying more for Microsoft software than what would normally be expected. Volume licensing fees jumping from 33% to 107% certainly does not seem fair. I’m not a lawyer but this seems excessive and surely an abuse of monopoly power. Microsoft is so paranoid about software piracy, but they don’t seem to understand that their pricing structures actually encourage people to use illegal and cracked copies.

Dang. Scientists in Australia are testing a new jet (called a scramjet) that may allow air travel at eight times the speed of sound. That would theoretically allow you travel around the world in about 5 hours.

SF Gate: Department of Homeland Secrecy

There has to be a better way to gather information and gauge public interest than for uniformed police to flag down passing motorists who have broken no laws. I guess they do things differently down there in Florida. Not surprised at all. I know that if I were one of those motorists I would have been livid. Just one more step towards the police state that our politicians are in love with implementing. Anything for money, right? Screw and annoy the public just because they can.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at July 30, 2002 04:12 PM

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