For once, I …

For once, I agree with a judge’s common sense in regards to people who abuse corporate trademarks within the context of a domain name.

Too Greedy: I’m starting to think that Microsoft is unintentionally driving people away from their OS platform, mostly through their new subscription-model pricing and expensive upgrades. I am a lone Mac user in an office of 30 people. Everyone uses Windows except a few of the developers who use Linux. In the past month I’ve had three different people in my office, including my boss, ask me about my Titanium Powerbook G4 and OS X. I took an iMac we had sitting around collecting dust and put OS X on it for them to check out. It’s really kind of weird, after years of being ignored, people are looking at Apple’s products in a new light and are starting to evaluate it in their minds as a replacement for the increasingly expensive Microsoft solutions. It’s an added bonus that a good majority of the Linux apps have already been ported over to OS X. I should also mention that I work in the financial services industry (Wall Street) in New York, which for the past decade or so has been nearly 100% Windows-based.

Wired: Microsoft’s Big Stick in Peru. Yet another example of a greedy company using it’s money and influence to get its way. How sad it is to see Microsoft donate as much as $50 million to Peru. These actions go far beyond simple philanthropy. I’m not sure what you call it when there are business agends hidden behind donated money, but I’m sure it’s not called philanthropy. If Microsoft really wants to help a country out, why not donate a couple billion bucks to the U.S. government to replace the money slashed by Bush’s administration.

Part of me just wants the world to wake up and say, “Hey Microsoft, you already have enough of our money. Please go away now.”

Wow. Check out this interview transcript from former President Clinton. Perhaps now is the time for the American public to start demanding the resignation of all kinds of people in Bush’s administration. [via dangerousmeta]

We started back in ’98 warning about the accounting problems and when my Securities and Exchange Commissioner tried to stop the Enron accounting practice of accountants being the consultants, the other party stopped us, and their main lobbyist was Harvey Pitt, who is now head of the SEC.

Nando Times: Tips for winning friends, contract renewals in consulting

Coming soon: New hackable kids toys. Can you imagine hacking the Instant Messaging stream and making the toys swear? Or saying things like “There’s a monster in your closet. I saw it. I’m your pal.”

What people are searching for at CamWorld. I am not surprised at all. And this is just for July’s logs:

  • sex (245)
  • cms (118)
  • content management (107)
  • nude (82)
  • girls (62)
  • porn (48)
  • fish (44)
  • rss (44)
  • CMS (39)
  • sp80 (37)
  • adult (36)
  • book (35)
  • girl (34)
  • spam (32)
  • new york (30)
  • McDonnell Douglas SP80 (30)
  • sp80 jet (30)
  • mozilla (29)
  • gay (28)
  • operating systems (25)
  • adult cams (25)
  • flashmx (24)
  • SP80 (24)
  • McDonnell Douglas SP80 Jet (24)
  • zope (23)
  • paris (23)
  • japan (23)
  • winer (23)
  • McDonnell Douglas SP80 Jet (20)
  • thundercats (20)
  • monchichi (19)
  • beastiality (18)
  • tits (18)

Military jets chase UFO over Washington. Hmmm, I wonder who they were coming back for.

Tim O’Reilly shares an email from a Microsoft Mac developer, and sums up the situation pretty clearly. Microsoft is being greedy and will do anything to retain their large profit margins and kill competition.

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