Dare I say …

Dare I say it, perhaps the simplest solution to this problem is to not use (or stop using) HTML-based email? I think Yahoo is just trying to protect their users.

I’m reading Jim Munroe’s brilliant new self-published science fiction novel set in the year 2036, Everyone in Silico, and the following dialogue appears between a group of teenagers:

“Did you do alright on the history test?”

“Yeah. Multiple choice was easy. But the essay question was hard, though. What necessitated the dismantling of government during the ’20s? What’d you put?”

“Need for more efficient economy, it was riddled with corruption, not willing to take military action against ecological terrorists…uh…I think that was all I got.”

“Shit, I forgot the corruption one,” said the slender kid.

“I forgot them all,” said the tall girl. “But that was such an unfair question! We hardly did any government stuff in in class. It was mostly International Monetary Fund. Yeah, when did the IMF become the United Corporate Interest Council?”

“2023,” said Steve.

“No, that was when UCIC moved into the White House,” the freckled girl said. “They changed the name in 2008.”

Posted by Cameron Barrett at July 14, 2002 04:37 PM

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