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I just came from the last Saturday session of the H2K2 hacker conference here in New York City. I forgot how intellectually starved I was. Hanging out with these incredibly brilliant people discussing politics, technology, religion and everything else (seriously) is a breath of fresh air. I met Robert Steele, the guy behind oss.net, a former spy and covert operative, who gives some chilling predictions for the United States. He is convinced that it will take another event like that of 9/11 before the American public wakes up and forces our government to adddress the situation properly. His timeframe for such an event is 3-7 years and when it does happen, it will be all on one day in a series of events around the country.

I was also surprised to see such a large turnout for what I assumed was a small conference. Many of the sessions were standing-room only and most of the speakers were pretty good or at least funny. I feel I have already gotten my money’s worth and there’s still another entire day. I can’t wait for tomorrow. My brain is full.

Oh yeah, the hacker crowd has fully embraced Mac OS X. I saw many Titanium Powerbooks, all running OS X.

Prophet Without Honour. Excellent article over at the Economist about how correct Al Gore’s 2000 campaign was in pointing out that Bush’s presidency is bank-rolled by corporations and special-interest groups.

[Gore] argued that the country needed somebody in Washington who was willing to hold corporate America accountable for its misdeeds…Now he can add the fact that he warned America against putting a corporate dupe in Washington.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at July 13, 2002 01:35 PM

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