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Last night I decided to research my options for web-based email. I was tired of my Yahoo and Hotmail accounts filling up with spam and wanted to replace them with my own webmail system. I thought it would require hours and hours of configuration and research but it didn’t. Based on some recommendations I installed Squirrelmail in under an hour (using the QuickAndDirty guide) and that includes tweaking some of the user interface nuances that were bugging me. It was very easy to install and works flawlessly. My next step is to install it for a family domain name and replace my family’s Yahoo email accounts. I’m also going to design a much better theme and UI. If it’s good I will release it as a downloadable theme for other Squirrelmail users to use.

Pretty funny. Someone hacked into the web site and put up some fake articles. One of the articles ‘Bush proposes another new Cabinet post’ had the following text:

Today, George W. Bush has proposed yet another cabinet level position. The Cabinet Minister for Propoganda and Popular Englightenment, will be setup to complement the recent addition of the department of Homeland Defense.

If the hacked USA Today site was discovered internally at 10:50 PM and CNN published an article about it at 10:54 PM, um…hmmm….that’s odd. [via Andy Stritof]

Announcing CyberSLAPP, a resource and coalition for protecting anonymous speech online.

A coalition of civil liberties and privacy groups today called on Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and other online companies to adopt policies protecting their users’ right to anonymous speech on the Internet. That right has come under attack in recent years through a growing number of “cyberSLAPP” lawsuits, in which companies file suit just to discover the identity of their online critics – often in order to silence or intimidate them.

Molly Ivins has a great rant about Bush’s hypocrisy and the Republican finger-pointing. When the President of the United States gives a speech on Wall Street in order to address outstanding issues regarding accounting and stock scandals, the market is not supposed to tank (i.e. “Bush, we don’t trust you, nor do we believe you.”). This is just more proof that Bush and most of his gang are just too damn cozy in the pockets of big business. What Bush should have said Tuesday on Wall Street is “I am not a crook” and then offered up his resignation. Of course that would leave us with Dick Cheney as President, who on some moral levels is even worse than Bush.

The Anti-Porn Guy. “I want to ban pornography with a 10-year prison term for viewing or participating in pornography, as well as oral and anal sex with a 1-5 year prison term for oral sex and a 1-10 year term for anal sex.” Obviously, this guy has never been laid. Notice how he mentions nothing at all about masturbation. Indeed, the religious nutjobs are alive and well in our own country, and they have a copy of Microsoft Front Page. Look out.

I just bought a $90 Leatherman 78105003 Juice XE6 for under $40. Yay Amazon Gold Box!

Have you seen this fish? If so, please kill it.

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