Sing your own …

Sing your own ringtone:

Serenata transforms mobile services into interactive entertainment by allowing users to call the service, sing a song, and a unique ringtone is delivered to your handset.

AT&T Wireless is pushing to roll out i-mode compatible services later this year to 24 cities. i-mode is such an incredible success in Japan (and growing in Europe) it will be interesting to see how it fares here.

Don’t forget about all the rumors about Danger’s upcoming hand-held devices, including the rumor that Apple may be acquiring them. MacWorld Expo is next week. Hmmmm….

Oh my, some company has combined television and SMS. Now you can get SMS alerts displayed on your TV.

I might go to the Open Source Content Management Conference from September 25-27. I need to be on the west coast that weekend, so possibly I’ll make it. Plans are forming…

In less than 36 hours, SpamAssassin has caught 1.4 MB of spam (approx. 80-100 messages). Ahhhh, I love the smell of a spam-free inbox.

Here’s an idea for a paid web service: Set up a system where people can forward/relay their email for spam-stripping before it gets forwarded back to them. Provide an easy-to-use web interface, with options to customize the filters, set up whitelists, blacklists, MIME-stripping, etc. As far as I know services like this might already exist. Send me links. I believe that you can relay all of your mail through SpamCop’s system and then POP it. Not sure of the specifics…

Richard Forno: National Information Security: Is Clarke the Right Man For the Job?

Clarke’s use of the term “Digital Pearl Harbor” is purely sensationalist rhetoric. Using it as flippantly and regularly as he does is not only inaccurate, it is also irresponsible and negligent.

Coming from FOX this fall: When Ice Cream Vendors Attack!

Ladies and gentlemen, if you please. Slimy politics at work.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at July 11, 2002 09:19 PM

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