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Excellent article from the National Post that correctly points out that Americans are no longer giving President Bush the benefit of the doubt, something that he was freely given in the wake of the terrorist attacks last year. [via rc3.org]

I watched a movie yesterday that most people don’t know about. It’s called The Beast and was made in 1988. It is an American-made movie about a Russian tank crew that gets lost in the desert of Afghanistan and is chased by angry Mujahadeen guerrillas. What gives this movie a bizarre perspective is that actors who play the Russians speak perfect American English and the Afghan dialogue is subtitled. I know that this is because the movie was made for an American audience, but it’s still odd. It’s a pretty good movie, regardless, and I suggest you check it out if you like war dramas.

Has anyone successfully gotten SpamAssassin to work with a Webmaster account from pair Networks? Email me and tell me how you did it. I’m stuck.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at July 8, 2002 11:16 PM

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