So, some guy …

So, some guy gets a bum PC for Christmas and it takes a few months to get fixed, but it does get fixed. I’m not sure what this guy’s attitude problem is but he’s clearly out of line. This guy’s efforts to get an apology from HP for producing a shitty PC border on harassment. I feel sorry for HP that months and months after this guy’s problem was fixed, he was still hounding them for an apology. I’m normally on the side of the consumer when it comes to faulty products, but this guy goes too far. This guy would have a stronger case if he were forced to buy himself a replacement computer while his HP box was getting fixed.

After years of not being able to remember my dreams I am suddenly starting to remember them, and boy are they weird. Last night I dreamed that my Powerbook was damaged and for some reason I had to frantically run through the subways of New York searching for something or someone. I’m going to try and write my dreams down or at least the summaries of them, and maybe they’ll turn into short stories, since I want to start writing fiction again. We’ll see.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at July 5, 2002 01:23 PM

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