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I was looking for stories about the fires in the Black Hills in South Dakota because my family lived there as a kid. I found this article and then scrolled down and started to read the reader posts. Check out the scary pictures. Yikes!

Last night I reactivated my Hotmail account so I could chat with someone via MSN Messenger. This is an account that has been dormant for well over 6 months, yet less than two hours after activating it, it has started to receive spam, despite the fact I opted to not include my profile in any of Microsoft’s directories. If Microsoft wants to win friends, they’ll start looking into why their Hotmail system receives so much spam and start blocking it. Leaving the system wide open for abuse like this is a sure sign that they simply don’t care about you. On the other hand, one of my Yahoo accounts has never received a single piece of spam, ever. My other Yahoo accounts that receive spam, I have traced the culprit back using this handy map. The culprit is one of two low-rent online stores (can’t be certain) I once purchased some stuff through about two years ago.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at June 30, 2002 09:27 PM

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