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AOL IM Spam: Has anyone else experienced this? Every couple of days I get an IM request from someone I don’t know. They proceed to ask me who I am and report that they’ve received an email asking them to send an IM to ‘camworld2’, one of my AIM accounts. Is this a new kind of spam, nuisance email, virus, or worm? Anyone know what’s going on here? I also get a lot of IM requests from people who have found my screen name on their Buddy Lists without them putting it there or having visited CamWorld. Puzzling. Update: Cory Doctorow emailed and said he calls this “SPIM” – IM Spam.

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I really do get some of the weirdest email/spam sometimes. Bizarre…

Posted by Cameron Barrett at June 28, 2002 04:07 PM

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