IBM’s web site …

IBM’s web site has a great Ease of Use poster called “Simplifying Tasks”. Go to the page and read the text description of the product. Truly ironic. I wonder if it’s intentional. [via Derek]

Bizarre Japanglish, wacked phrases in English that appear on t-shirts and posters in Japan.

MSNBC: Why software is so bad…

Greedmaster is “…an up and coming, full-service design firm offering corporate branding, interface design, and site hosting.” Aha, but when you completely rip off the site design and copy from industry leader 37Signals, how up-and-coming are you?

Seth Godin proposes that email needs to be monetized (on-tenth of a cent per email) and that it would work towards stopping spam. Seth apparently doesn’t understand how most spam is processed. Most spam is sent through compromised or poorly-secured mail servers overseas and at companies who don’t monitor their systems regularly. When a server is known to be “open” or compromised the spammers all tell each other and everyone uses it (and a bunch of other servers) to pump their spam out before it gets shut down or the security hole is patched. Monetizing email will do nothing to stop this process. The only thing that might stop it is educating sysadmins (especially overseas) about the damaging nature of spam. Since most spammers are using the resources of others (those compromised mail servers) to do their dirty work, it might also help if there were harsh legislation to punish those who are caught.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at June 19, 2002 06:35 PM