It happened again. …

It happened again. Searching Google for something, I came upon purple visited links within the top 10 results. It’s a sign that I am using Google a lot when I can unintentionally arrive to two separate sets of search results containing the a same link even though the two search queries are completely unrelated.

I finally got my Amazon Gold Box. After hearing about it from others for days, mine showed up. It’s an interesting concept. Instant coupons, good for only 60 minutes. If you don’t purchase within that time limit, the offer goes away. New offers, in batches of 5, show up in your Gold Box very 24 hours. Amazon is pushing the envelope on impulse buying. What I’d like to see is specialized Gold Boxes or smart Gold Boxes that gave you instant coupons for things you buy a lot of, like DVDs. All five items in my Gold Box were electronics, which I don’t normally buy online. DVDs and books are much more of an impulse buy for me than electronics.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at June 16, 2002 01:59 PM

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