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I really like the new Apple TV commercials. They do the same thing that “The Dell Guy” commercials do, only they do it better. Making computing easy for the average Joe; that’s the message.

I just ordered Made in Silico, the new novel by young Canadian writer Jim Munroe. I’ve raved about his two previous books and I hope his new one is just as good. Jim is going against the grain and selling the book himself online, telling the traditional book distributors and booksellers to take a hike, and keeping a much higher profit margin for himself.

All the best conversations happen via AIM.

Here’s the paper that I mentioned last week about open source security. A summary by Richard Forno:

“This thing reads like an undergraduate term paper. Very little is spent
talking about OSS and ‘security’ — as their press release full of
‘terrorism’ jargon hinted at last week — rather, most of the paper talks
about the economic impact that OSS presents to the country and software
industry, intellectual property theft, innovation, legal interpretations,
etc. As a result of such FUD-inducing hysteria, it’s probably – and sadly –
going to get widespread media coverage…”

Here’s a more-balanced report on open source, prepared by the Department of Defense. It’s far better than the FUD-laden (or should that be FUD-Bin-Laden?) report linked above.

The design team at 37Signals are holding design experience workshops at their Chicago office. These guys are the experts. If you are in the midwest, it’s well worth the money to send your design teams.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at June 10, 2002 11:03 PM

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