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The report from the CIA that the Chinese are planning massive attacks on U.S. computers and networks is interesting. And a major part of the Internet was down yesterday. And Yahoo’s mail servers have been bouncing mail like crazy. I wonder if any of these things are related.

Here come the Mozilla strikes back articles. Regardless of how you view it, Mozilla is becoming a very good browser. Probably not a complete replacement for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, but a very good alternative. I am completely in love with the tabbed-windows feature in Mozilla. Wow.

Fray Day 6 is September 14, 2002. Time to start looking at cheap airline tickets.

Mark Morford: Frat Boys Rule The Earth: It’s an angry, violent, warmongering world out there right now. You just live in it.

Good article from IBM about the lock-in of Microsoft Exchange server in the corporate world:

“Every time we got corporations enthusiastic about the TCO savings in converting from Windows to Linux systems, Exchange┬¬ emerged as a deal-killer,” says Adelstein, co-founder of Bynari, a high-level consultancy for Open Source systems.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at April 26, 2002 03:14 PM

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