My condolences go …

My condolences go out to the British people, in their time of loss.

John Salinas from Ideawire pointed out a nice feature at regarding URL search strings. If you type into the location field of your browser and hit return, it will automatically do a search for “search_for_this” instead of resulting in a 404-Page Not Found error. He also points out that it would be very cool if Google and other popular sites implemented a feature like this, further increasing the speed of accessing information.

As Easter approaches the geeks get excited about Peeps, those sugary sweet marshmallow candies. Every year more and more bizarre and funny Peep web pages and experiments pop up. This year, it’s Peep Surgery.

Camgirls and Webcams: Doc is talking about his [lack of] interest in webcams in response to the stupid NY Times article from the other day about how the Web is boring. This reminded me of a conversation I had with a “camgirl” at the SXSW conference earlier this month. I was at one of the opening parties and this “camgirl” walks up to me, dressed in a very revealing mini-skirt and a crazy stuffed animal of some sort. She’s flaunting something but I’m not exactly sure what it is. She looks at my nametag and her eyes light up “Oh, CamWorld! I have a webcam. My cam site is [herfirstname]” She goes on for a few minutes talking about something, possibly herself. At this point I realize that she’s asked me what my name is and is wanting a response. I look straight at her and say “My name is Cam. From CamWorld.” A moment of realization crosses her face and she says “Oh,” looks at her shoes, and walks away.

Sigh…Yahoo! apparently is resetting everyone’s “marketing preference” in preparation for selling user data to spammers and marketers. If you have a Yahoo account you should go change it back (unless you like spam). I would not be surprised to also see Microsoft pull this stunt with Hotmail, which I’ve stopped using out of disprespect for Passport.

Chris Hamilton: “Someone on the WWWAC e-mail distribution list noted that We Have the Way Out, the anti-UNIX (UNIX-like) campaign launched by Microsoft and Unisys, is powered by FreeBSD and Apache.”

I say I say, the Web is not boring. Here’s a guy who created a giant bear out of ketchup packets and then shot at it and burnt it.

Interesting site called Untold History. The first story is The History of Flash, as told by Jonatha Gay the buy behind FutureSplash (what Flash was called before Macromedia bought it). The LEGO angle is fascinating.

Oh, this is rich. Florida governor Jeb Bush’s re-election campaign people got a hold of an email list of his competition’s supporters, and then spammed them. I love it when the politicians show exactly how little respect for campaign etiquette they have.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at March 30, 2002 11:56 PM