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Victor Lombardi, an information architect at Razorfish in New York has written up an analysis of how the three big online bookseller’s home pages have evolved over time. Interesting read, especially since I was very involved in the design of the site from 1998-2000.

So, you’ve got a cat. Said cat likes to bring home live critters and let them loose in the house. So, what do you do? Why, you hook a webcam up to an imaging program which is fed into a computer which analyzes whether your cat is carrying anything in its mouth. If it is, the computer does not allow the cat door to open. In fact, it’s what any geek would do: use technology to solve a problem. [via cardhouse]

Can you spot the hidden bird? [via 120 Degrees]

Car & Driver: It’s a truck that’s hard to miss. Plus, you can frighten small children and suburban livestock with it.

Watching TechTV shows is like watching cable access television but with really good sets and better equipment. Damien says the guy on Screen Savers right now lives up the street from us. “I fixed his iMac,” he says. Apparently he has a bizarre off-Broadway show called “21 Dog Years: Doing Time @” which is getting decent reviews.

Somehow I missed the formation of Blogzilla, a weblog about Mozilla. It’s definitely on my regular reading list now.

I realized recently that I would probably play the Lottery more often if it were more convenient to acquire tickets. So I thought about a service that would buy tickets for you on a regular basis, with a nice Web front-end that would let you change your picked numbers, the number of tickets you want and a convenient hook into an online billing service. I even have a name for it. I’d call it AutoLotto. Does anything like this exist?

Excellent article about the business case for Java on the mobile phone.

Amazing! Drag this bookmarklet [Google Translate!] to your Web browser toolbar and whenever you hit a Web page in a foreign language all it takes is one click and it’s automatically translated into English for you, via the magic of Google’s translation engine. It doesn’t do Japanese or Chinese (yet). [via Microcontent News]

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