SXSW 2002 Photos: …

SXSW 2002 Photos: I finally got my SXSW photo gallery up.

CamWorld TipJar: Did you know it costs money to run CamWorld? If you enjoy it, please drop a tip in the Tipjar. The first batch of CamWorld t-shirts are almost sold out. Another batch has been ordered, with more colors and sizes for the women to choose from. An order page with pictures will up soon. To those readers who have generously contributed, a big thank you. Your donations go a long way in helping offset the monthly hosting costs.

A reader forwarded me this link to, which is a site that chronicles the “baiting” of people in AOL chat rooms.

Maxify Design: Concerns on Flash MX Positioning

Wednesday night I went to the opera. We saw Porgy and Bess, a Gershwin opera that is written in English. The nosebleeds seats were cheap but I just didn’t enjoy this opera as much as I have enjoyed those that are in Italian. There’s something not right about singing an opera in English. It’s like it doesn’t flow as smoothly or something. I can’t quite describe it. I think the Sportin’ Life character is pure genius.

Junk Mail: I never thought about it but this is a great idea, regarding fighting junk mail: “I’ve started taking out all the postage-paid reply envelopes from all my
junk mail, sealing them up empty and sending them back. Make the junk mailers pay for postage twice.” – Judy Kiel on WebDesign-L.

Mark Howells replies:

No, there’s a much better way of dealing with them. Either send them each other’s junk mail in their own envelopes, or finely shred an old newspaper and send that (making sure it’s over the paid weight so they have to fork out twice).

Random images from my /misc directory:

Apparently, Network Solutions (owned by Verisign) has lost so many customers through their own gross negligance they’re now resorting to tricky direct mail marketing sent to competing registrar’s customers in order to trick people into renewing their domains with them. NetSol isn’t the only registrar doing this. I regularly receive direct mail from two-bit registrars telling me I need to renew a domain I’ve registered through another more-trusted registrar. [via Script Digital]

I’ll say it again. The Japanese mobile device market is years ahead of the U.S. It’s frustrating that gadget geeks in the U.S. can’t get or use this stuff.

From Keitai-L:

The problem I have with PocketPC is the “PC” bit. The whole point of a keitai-anything is that it’s not a PC. [Ed. The word “keitai” in Japanese means “mobile device”.]

Here’s a good article from The Economist about the state of the mobile phone technology in the U.S.

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