Joe Crawford has …

Joe Crawford has a good essay about that anaylzes the sales and product pitch by founder Michael Robertson.

Bruce Sterling: Information Wants to Be Worthless. Fantastic screed.

Steve Burns, the guy in the striped green shirt who hosted Nickelodeon’s Blues Clues is now developing an album of songs for adults. It includes singing quirrels, songs for dust mites, and other wacky stuff.

Hmmm, would it be useful to be able to use your cell phone to scan bar-codes? I think so. A few years back when I was working at we were pushing hard for the management to accept the idea of letting customers in the stores use portable bar-code scanners to build a “digital library” (by walking around the store and scanning books, movies and music) that they could then upload to their user profile at one of the Internet-enabled kiosks that were being installed into the stores. Needless to say the management looked at us like we were insane but it’s still a good idea and as technology like this becomes more an more integrated into everything we do, we’ll probably start to see more retail stores adapt technology like this to provide cool differentiating services or their customers.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at March 3, 2002 04:07 PM

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