Apologies. Other things …

Apologies. Other things in my life have taken over my free time, causing me to post more infrequently. I expect things to settle down soon. Thank you for being a loyal reader. Oh yeah, did I mention? Cheap CamWorld t-shirts coming soon…they’re free if you are coming to SXSW.

I was briefly thinking about a “Drinks for Shirts” campaign where I would give away a CamWorld t-shirt to anyone who buys me a drink at SXSW. I decided though that I don’t want to get that drunk so it’s not a requirement. Though, if you want to buy me a drink in exchange for a free t-shirt, I doubt I’ll turn down the offer.

Heather Champ, creator of the Mirror Project is asking “What is real?” You can contribute call calling (415) 564-1347.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at February 27, 2002 06:09 PM

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