Paul Ford is …

Paul Ford is a hilarious genius writer. “Hi! I’m from Google. I’m a Googlebot! I index everything. Everything! I am Google!” Somebody give this guy a book contract.

Matt Haughey: The Future of Music

Free to a Good Home: I got so tired of all the crap sitting around my apartment I decided to get rid of it. Yesterday, I put several old Macs, two old laser printers, some miscellaneous phones, answering machines, an ancient VCR from 1986, a bowling pin, a package of spark plugs, some old luggage, and several boxes of books on a big folding table outside the brownstone I live at in Brooklyn. Most of the day passes and I manage to sell only about $5 worth of stuff, and believe me, my prices were low. Today, I repeat the process but instead of selling this stuff I put a huge “FREE” sign near it. It only took about three hours but everything was gone. Everything. Even the stuff I wasn’t sure the garbagemen would pick up if I put it by the curb. I think, this is great. Now I know exactly what to do when I decide to move. And I can see my floor again. Wow, parquet.

The CamWorld t-shirts are ordered. If you’re coming SXSW next month and would like a shirt, please drop me a note so that I’m sure to take enough to give out to those attendees without being short. Supplies are limited so please only request a shirt if you really want one. I will have a list, so you should have a business card or something that matches a name (and Web site) on my list of requests. You will be able to order CamWorld t-shirts online after March 15 (they will be under $10 and very good quality). Shirts are being printed by Brunetto Shirts.

What happens when you have the same name as a heart-throb actor a WB Network TV show and you install AOL Instant Messenger on your PC at work? David Gallagher — the journalist, not the actor — has found out.

NY Times: Some Junk E-Mail Has a Poor Sense of Timing

Posted by Cameron Barrett at February 24, 2002 01:07 PM