Tinywords.com offers a …

Tinywords.com offers a service that will send you a daily Haiku to your mobile phone and/or handheld. It uses SMS or Avantgo.

Remember the Psion Organizer? Remember how cool it was? Before there Apple Newtons and Palm Pilots there were organizers like the AgendA (mid-80s) and the Microwriter (1980).

A company called Digit Wireless has developed a unique keyboard called the Fastap for mobile phones and devices that combines the functionality of a full-sized keyboard with the form factor of a cell phone. Very interesting…

Research Paper: Thumbcode: A Device-Independent Digital Sign Language

Slate: Play the Enron Blame Game

NY Times: The Increase in Chip Speed Is Accelerating, Not Slowing. Do we really need faster and faster chips? Perhaps the focus should be less on speed and more on reducing chip heat, size and form factor. It cracks me up that some of the faster Pentium chips need these huge heatsinks just to run properly. As computing becomes more and more portable less emphasis should be put on speed and more on how small and cool these chips can be made, enabling innovation in the mobile computing market.

Awesome. Japanese Sex Slang. [via Boing Boing]

There are times when I don’t like Michael Moore, but his recent Open Letter to George W. Bush clearly outlines the hypocrisy of the current Presidency regarding their connections to Enron. Worth reading.

Remember the rumor about AOL buying RedHat? Apaprently it was just another incident of a moron tech journalist making up the news again. [via Doc Searls]

I hope this product flops. It’s materialism and American sports culture gone too far.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at February 5, 2002 06:34 PM