I’m lost. I …

I’m lost. I need to find myself again. I’ll be back when that happens. Usually, just a few days…

I thought Googlewhacking was the act of surfing Google with the Mature Content Filter turned to “off.”

Pepsi needs a new ad agency. Talking dolphins. Beer-stealing birds. This year’s Superbowl ads were OK, but most of them sucked. The mlife (AT&T Wireless) people really dropped the ball. They’ve been hyping it up for about a week, and then their Web site was down for most of the Superbowl. At least I couldn’t get to it when I tried earlier.

Oh my, this doesn’t sound good (or safe). Apaprently, future versions of GNOME will be based on top of Microsoft’s Trojan Horse technology: .NET.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at February 3, 2002 03:29 PM

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