This is what …

This is what cell phones of the future might look like. Talk about convergence…

Sony announces Linux for the Playstation 2. Cool!

Hello ladies… [via susank]

Fool Post of the Day: Apple, it’s not just about the OS anymore

I came to work this morning (I work right around the corner from Wall Street in Manhattan) and noticed a large number of cops standing around. There are a bunch of tents set up right in the middle of Broad Steet with barricades around them. I realized that today was the first day of the World Economic Forum (being held here in New York) which has a history of massive numbers of protestors who like to cause trouble. I didn’t see any protestors this morning or at lunch and one of the cops I talked to said they don’t expect anything to happen downtown and if there were going to be any incidents they’ll likely happen in midtown at the Waldorf Hotel, where most of the Forum events are happening.

The makers of my favorite show, Junkyard Wars, are doing a new show called Ultimate Machine Combat. Cool! Cool! Cool!

Posted by Cameron Barrett at January 30, 2002 06:16 PM

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