Adobe has released …

Adobe has released their Altercast product, which is a server-based image manipulation tool. It’s interesting to see them do this, especially since people with this kind of a need have been using programs like ImageMagick for years. Altercast costs $7500 for a single CPU license. Ouch.

From a great thread on SOAP and XML-RPC for mobile devices:

I saw a talk last week in Mt. View where a company presented their experience with .NET. Lots of issues. C# is a hairball of a programming language. It combines Java, VBasic, and C++.. Also, the company says the response from a .NET service is incredibly slow. They basically used .NET because they already had a VBasic/NT backend, but wouldn’t recommend it if you already have Java running back there. More interesting developments and feedback will be coming in the next couple of months as folks try mission critical services in the real world.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at January 28, 2002 10:47 PM

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