Pet peeve: Developers …

Pet peeve: Developers who act like such complete A-holes online, it’s a wonder that people even listen to their half-baked and hypocritical commentary anymore. Get a clue, dude. Pissing off your peers (though with you, it’s more like pissing on your peers) doesn’t do any good for you or your company. The sad thing is that people have been gently telling you this for years.

Winerlog has been great lately. Don’t forget to notice the “custom two to three second delay unique to Winerlog” when checking out the site. It’s worth the wait.

Fox is having trouble unloading all of the Superbowl ad spots for the upcoming event in two weeks. Here’s a hint to Fox: Lower your asking price!

Sorry if I’m a bit ornery today. Too much work, too little time. The little things that I usually ignore are pissing me off. Like how a Windows file server locks a file you were working on when your computer crashes preventing you from opening that file again until the original process times out or you kill it. This especially sucks if you don’t have admin control over the file server and have to wait for for your IT department to get back from lunch.

Forbes: Rebooting Apple

AOL/Netscape sued Microsoft today, something about anticompetitive business practices regarding the Web browser market. Jeez, that seems like such old news. What’s more interesting (though also very old news) is that Microsoft owns a patent that seems to describe the key concepts of Casscading Style Sheets (CSS). How soon before Microsoft turns around and sues AOL/Netscape over this technology? Let the pissing match between lawyers begin.

A warning from the American Medical Association. [via FilePile, of course]. May be offensive to those with closed minds…

Business 2.0: The Case Against Knowledge Management. Hmmmm. I think that gathering knowledge is the first step. Then you need to filter it. And only then do you distribute it. Maybe the whole Knowledge Management field needs to coin some more specific phrases: knowledge filtering, knowledge aggregation, knowledge syndication, knowledge sharing, etc.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at January 22, 2002 07:54 PM

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