I never noticed …

I never noticed before how similar the Go Army logo was to the Mozilla hack t-shirt logo. Check it out.

Excellent NY Times article about the recent glut of office space in New York City, caused by the recent economic downturn and the post-9/11 unloading of real estate by companies who were looking to replace some of the 20 million square feet lost when the World Trade Center towers collapsed.

FindLaw: “LOCKWARE”: The Promise And Peril Of Hollywood’s Intellectual Property Strategy For The Digital Age

Cameron the Alien: Macworld San Francisco 2002. He’s kind of like my alter ego.

I’ve long said that you must pass an intelligence test before you are allowed to use email. This guy just reinforced my point. Entertaining!

Go Nader!

File away for another day: The etiquette of writing love letters.

Byteswap: Writing Cross-Platform Software – Getting Started

Posted by Cameron Barrett at January 8, 2002 04:47 PM

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