CamWorld Essay: How …

CamWorld Essay: How to Make Money From Spam (Legally and Ethically!)

If you are an ISP or corporation that wants to hire a firm to filter your spam, check these guys out. Referred by Matt Haughey.

O’Reilly book: Chapter 8: The Web’s War on Your Privacy

My brother, easily one of the best Apple technicians in Manhattan, weighs in with his predictions for next week’s Macworld Expo.

An Insecure Feeling About Microsoft’s Security. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Until Microsoft can win the trust of the decision-makers, more and more people are going to abandon the platform for use with mission-critical services and information storage/transmission. I know that if I were in charge of choosing a secure technology for storing private data about millions of my customers, Microsoft’s technologies and solutions would be way down on my list, no matter how useful and easy they are to use. Microsoft does some pretty cool stuff, but they severely lack in the security department, (mostly because of some really bad software architectural decisions made a long time ago). Perhaps companies and individuals who have lost money and information due to any one of the Outlook-centric virii can start a class-action lawsuit to deplete some of Microsoft’s $36 billion in cash reserves.

People compalin all the time about how bad Network Solutions is. Well, there’s lots of reasons why they suck so hard as a registrar. Here’s a new one.

I drank a huge cup of Starbucks hot chocolate a few hours ago. I think maybe that was a mistake. Stomach doth protest.

Damn dyslexia is cropping up again, for those of you who noticed. I suppose if I ever learned how to type properly, I’d make a lot less spelling mistakes.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at January 2, 2002 05:02 PM

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