Something in the …

Something in the air smells today. I think it’s remnants of yesterday’s posts.

How Islam Lost Its Way. This article is sure to stir the pot in many Muslim and Islamic countries. And I think in the United States, as well.

From 1975: Worldwide Effects of Nuclear War — Some Perspectives. Also read India, Pakistan, and the Bomb. Somehow, Osama bin Laden seems like just a tiny nuisance when you start considering nuclear war…

Over several weeks, he hauled pennies in his wheelbarrow to the local supermarket, where they were changed in at Coinstar machines, setting the company’s record for penny cash-ins at 792,141.

RadioParadise is playing lots of obscure good music this morning.

Do yourself a favor and telnet to this address:

After a two-year hiatus, Reflections of a Modem Junkie is back. Yay!

Posted by Cameron Barrett at December 31, 2001 01:26 PM

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