I just registered …

I just registered for KM & Communities 2001 East, which will be held here in NYC on December 11.

OSOpinion: EBay, Amazon, Others Balk at Microsoft’s Internet Standard

Yes Brian, that’s why I don’t read Andrew Sullivan’s site. If I can’t get to the content because of a design that creates accessibility problems, then the content doesn’t get read. I wish more people realized this basic rule of web design.

Nice list of collaborative groupware software.

Case Study: Bridging the Digital Divide: Communication Software Tools

White Paper: User Interface Design for Ubiquitous Computing (PDF)

Heh, One of my readers tracked down the portfolio of the company who built the KPMG site for Razorfish. They claim “innovative use of DHTML” as one of the highlights of the site. Hardly. There’s a huge difference between being innovative with a technology and using a technology for technology’s sake. Just because it looks pretty and makes the client go “Ooh” doesn’t mean it’s the most appopriate solution. It’s a common mistake that lots of web designers make: they forget that they are designing the site for a client’s users, and focus on the bells and whistles (often whizzy DHTML or Flash navigation and splash screens) because they care more about pleasing the client than making the site usable and accessible for the people who will end up using it. Part of every web designer’s job is to educate the client about usability and accessibility issues — this includes informing the client that using certain whizzy technologies comes with the consequences of decreased usability, accessibility, and sometimes performance.

Wow, it’s amazing how much more stable a machine gets when you take a faulty RAM module.

Another article about Enron, from AlterNet: The Man Who Screwed the World

A petition to to Apple to put file sytem metadata features into Mac OS X.

I wish that I would start listening to my hunches. On Sunday I was very close buying more stock in both AAPL and AMZN, as soon as the markets opened on Monday. On Tuesday, AMZN was up 14% and AAPL was up 6%. I was hitting myself after I saw that. And today, AAPL is up another 6%. I am still hitting myself.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at December 5, 2001 02:31 PM

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