O’Reilly has published …

O’Reilly has published a book about SETI and communicating with aliens. This is why I love O’Reilly. They are always light years ahead of every other technology-centric book publisher.

Obsolyte is a site dedicated to obsolete computers, vintage hardware, and classic systems.

Geek Gift: Levitron, The Amazing Anti-Gravity Top

M&M Duels. I was doing this in grade school. Other foods that you can duel: Skittles, Crispix cereal, Rice Chex, peanuts (with shells)…

A Navy photographer has managed to photograph a jet breaking the speed of sound. That’s a pretty cool photo.

Tattoo stretch jeans. Hmmm….kids’ll wear anything these days. (I must be getting old.)

Reality Blurred is a weblog about reality TV. I still maintain that The Amazing Race is the best reality TV show on television right now. I tried to stomach a few minutes of Survivor Africa the other night but it was really stupid and staged.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at November 21, 2001 08:41 PM