Scam Alert! Today …

Scam Alert! Today in the mail I received two pieces of mail. Each was from an outfit called Domain Registry of America and consisted of a “notice” that two of the domains I owned were about to expire and that I should renew them. The “notice” they mailed me looks very much like an invoice, but if you read the fine print, it says “This is not a bill.” I have never heard of Domain Registry of America and I would know if I had registered or transferred any domains through them. I had to look very closely to determine that these “notices” were not from someone representing the billing end of registrars like OpenSRS and, two registrars I’ve transferred domains to within the past year. If I hadn’t read the fine print, I would have probably though these were standard invoices and paid them, which would have transferred my domain registry to a registrar that I did not choose. While I am glad that there are finally competing registrars against Network Solutions, I am disappointed that so many of them are resorting to such underhanded marketing tactics.

Software Usability Research Laboratory: Criteria for optimal web design (designing for usability) [via]

Sucky airlines:

mgkimsal:  btw - british airways sucks - my wife was flying
           today and had to leave stuff at the terminal because
           her hand luggage was too heavy.
camworld2: that's stupid
mgkimsal:  13 lb limit - not printed on the ticket OR on the
mgkimsal:  EMPTY - the case was 12lbs.
mgkimsal:  wtf can you take on board then?
camworld2: lame!
mgkimsal:  Exactly.
camworld2: just yourself, i guess
mgkimsal:  So I bitched to them.
camworld2: when they start banning laptops, people will revolt
mgkimsal:  My wife said "Seems like we won't be able to take
           anything on board pretty soon"
mgkimsal:  the supervisor replied "Yes, probably soon"
camworld2: right, cattle are not allowed to have personal belongings
mgkimsal:  exactly.
mgkimsal:  just had to vent that out.
camworld2: pretty soom, they'll just remove all the seats and
           install subway poles, making everyone stand
mgkimsal:  heh
mgkimsal:  don't spread that around - they'll try it
mgkimsal:  claiming "more leg room" (measuring vertically)

You know that Voicestream TV commercial with the chimpanzees using AOL IM to get Driver’s Licenses? I’ve been fooled more than once to check my IM application when that commercial is on. I think it’s because I have a surround sound system hooked up to my TV and the IM sound effect from the commercial comes out the rear channels (rear speakers), one of which happens to be about two feet from where I sit every night with my laptop.

Wow! Obscure Store redesigned. Nice. Now if only Jim would keep archives…

Posted by Cameron Barrett at November 20, 2001 10:25 PM