The good news …

The good news is I can access my MP3 stream from outside my home network. The bad news is that my crappy DSL is not quite fast enough to sustain the throughput I need to hear the stream at the quality I want. The only solution is to increase my DSL bandwidth or get a cable modem.

I’m using SoundJam 2.5.2 on Mac OS 9.2 and Apple’s iTunes 2.0 on Mac OS X to rip and playback my MP3s. I’ve tried a couple different programs for streaming the MP3s. The only one that is very simple to use is MP3 Streamer 1.3.5 from Malia Software. I also tried icecast and Current. This week, I’m going to try SHOUTcast and modMP3, the Apache module for MP3 streaming.

I’ve had several people write in and ask why I’m not using Ogg Vorbis for my digital music. Until it’s illegal to rip and play MP3s, I’m comfortable using MP3 for personal music recording and playback. MP3 is also a much more mature technology than Ogg Vorbis, though I do recognize and understand the appeal of using a pure open source music format. It’s the same argument PNG supporters have, considering the potential leagl problems using the GIF format has for Web graphics.

I got this site URL from a piece of spam: I don’t know whether to laugh or be angry that they spamemd me.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at November 19, 2001 06:17 PM

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