I’m so excited. …

I’m so excited. I spent most of the weekend ripping my CD collection into MP3s, after setting up an MP3 stream from my Mac OSX dev box (my DSL line cannot handle more than one or two connections, so I’m unwilling to publish the URL to the stream). Having my entire music collection in one place, available over the Internet, is just so cool. Yay technology!

My next step is to give my old college buddy Aaron an account on my OSX box so he can rip his CD collection (at last count, about 3000 CDs or so, very eclectic music) and drop the MP3s to my monster hard drive. Once he learns that he can keep his music collection in MP3 format in one central location and listen to it via an MP3 stream, I think he will be ecstatic.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at November 18, 2001 12:37 PM

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