I love Google! …

I love Google! Doing an image search on the word “stupid” returned some great pictures:

The University of New South Wales in Australia has a course in Web Application Engineering that appears to focus on OpenACS, AOLserver and content management systems.

White Paper: A User Centered Methodology for Complex and Customizable Web Applications Engineering (DOC format)

Lawrence Lessig: The Internet Under Siege [via rc3.org]

Number One!. (Rubbing it in…)

How to write a Functional Spec. [via Elegant Hack]

Google turns up some pretty odd stuff sometimes. Chicken sex! Jokes! Even a chicken cam! Man with an unusually large cock!

Please only click on this link if you have a strong stomach. I’m serious. It is quite disgusting.

44 Reasons Not to Get a Boob Job. [Warning: nudity]

Posted by Cameron Barrett at November 16, 2001 05:13 PM