A reader writes: …

A reader writes:

“you allways burn down MS .. for everything.. there not holy i know…
please burn down apple now for tere itunes that DELETETS Hardrives”

I hadn’t heard about this, so I went and read Macintouch, and then saw that Scripting News had linked to some better compiled information. It looks like a simple, but destructive, mistake on the part of Apple. Clearly something that more QA testing should have caught. To Apple’s credit, they fixed the installer script in a matter of hours — on a weekend! Given that this issue only affects those people running OS X, who downloaded the new iTunes, and who also had partitioned hard drives with spaces in their volume names, I imagine that the number of people who got burned by this mistake was very small. It’s not like this kind of thing allows unethical hackers to steal my credit information

It turns out that you can merge multiple accounts at Amazon, but you have to contact them to do so. Well, that’s good to know.

The male ruler is pretty funny. It measures, you know… [via Davezilla]

Jim Roepcke writes about his experience listening an NHL game being broadcast by Microsoft and WindowsMedia.com. It would be funny if this wasn’t exactly what people expected. Sigh…

Excellent. Streaming MP3 broadcasts in OSX. Now I can have access to my entire MP3 collection, streaming it from my home DSL while listening to it at work. Sure beats taking up 20 GB of space on my laptop.

SecuriTeam: Microsoft Passport Account Hijacking (Hacking Hotmail and more)

From 1990: Hacking Away at the Counterculture

A very funny MetaTalk thread on horse puns. [via Q Daily News]

An interesting look at the world of Big Oil, talking about the dependencies between the East and West, and what might happen if the oil exports from Saudi Arabia suddenly stopped due to war or terrorist attacks. [via Web-Seitz]

Salman Rushdie: Yes, This is About Islam. “Twenty years ago, when I was writing a novel about power struggles in a fictionalized Pakistan, it was already de rigueur in the Muslim world to blame all its troubles on the West and, in particular, the United States.”

Who has noticed anything different about CamWorld for the past few days? I have received no email about it, so I’m assuming no one noticed it. Look closer…it’s pretty subtle. BTW, I stole this idea from Metafilter, but I did have the Christmas-Light-in-a-box animation two years ago.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at November 4, 2001 01:10 PM