OK, why not. …

OK, why not. Here are some Wizard of Oz links:

U.S. Name Generator. Type your name into a form field, hit Submit, and it generates a new name for you based on the 1990 U.S. Census. My name in 1990 would be Brandon Ingram. Most excellent. It’s rather curious. George Bush would be Adam Owen. Osama bin Laden is Alfred Pearson. And Foobar Thingamabob is Floyd Evans. Apparently, there is no logic being used here, just some kind of random character matching.

Mark Morford: How to feel calmly patriotic and yet not the slightest bit reassured by Bush & Co.

Lockergnome: “XP’s movie maker truly sucks; you can’t do ANYTHING with it. No transitions, no export options other than Windows Media, etc. Save your money and get a TRUE video editor. Better yet – use iMovie on the Mac. Just don’t think you’re gonna film a businessman flying around your neighborhood and wind up producing an award-winning film using Windows XP. It ain’t gonna happen with this crapplet.” To be fair, Chris has some nice things to say about XP as well…

Adweak.com is a very clever parody site focused on poking fun at the advertising industry. [via Magenetbox]

CIO Magazine: Let’s Stop Wasting $78 Billion a Year in Software Development

Introducing Teletubbies XP. And a complimentary comparison image.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 21, 2001 09:41 PM