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Some web sites are pulling information that might be considered sensitive to the current military operation going on in the Middle East. Information like names and locations of supposedly top-secret U.S. military communications bases around the world. While I applaud the site owners for taking a proactive approach, I don’t think just removing the info will do much good. I lived on one of these “top-secret” bases as a child in England and I can assure you that there was nothing really top-secret about it’s location or name. All of the locals knew exactly where it was located and they often joined the Americans on the base for holiday festivities like the Fourth of July. If someone wanted to make a map of all the U.S. military bases in a specific country or area, there are other ways to get that information than looking on the Internet.

A new meme has been circulating the Internet. Two sites have sprung up to capture it. and

Please forgive me, for I watched Joe Dirt the other day. I noticed that David Spade [in the film] was wearing a non-authentic “I Choked Linda Lovelace” t-shirt. Non-authentic because it wasn’t this one. For the t-shirt to make any sense, you have to know who Linda Lovelace is and why someone would be proud to have choked her. I started scouring the Internet for the origin of this phrase (who said it first?), but was unsuccessful. However, I did find some guy’s pretty funny made-up TV scehdule.

I love mixing up memes. Another one.

Yes, there is such a thing as taking your religion too far. It’s unfortunate that this guy’s religious convictions led him make such poor judgement. You can read/apply that last sentence any way you’d like.

The Relationship Between Software Aesthetics and Quality

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