On Sunday I’m …

On Sunday I’m going to go see Blood: The Last Vampire, the new anime/manga film done by the same guy who did Ghost in the Shell. Check to see if it’s playing near you during ResFest (a worldwide digital film festival).

The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

Chuck Taggart over at Looka is reporting that Microsoft is now telemarketing people using phone numbers pulled from the whois domain registration database. Sigh…

People ask me why I don’t like Microsoft and then try to convince me that Windows is a great OS and that IIS is a great web server. Now, don’t misunderstand me. I don’t hate Microsoft software, I hate Microsoft. More specifically, I hate Microsoft’s incredibly unethical and monopolistic business practices. I regularly and happily use Microsoft software on both Windows and the Mac and am pleased that Microsoft has some brilliant engineers working on some incredible technologies and writing great software. What I don’t like is when Microsoft uses its monopoly position in the OS and Web browser markets to hurt the competition. What I don’t like is when Microsoft treats their customers like shit because they know they’ve got most of them locked into a technology choice.

Brian Livingston: “What all these new XP “features” have in common is that they make Windows more convenient for Microsoft but less convenient for users.

PlaneCrashInfo.com is one of those sites that you start looking at but can’t stop reading. Loads of data, photos, and statistics. [via punkchick]

Jessamyn recently took a trip on Greyhound. She was not pleased by the service (or lack there of).

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