Several readers have …

Several readers have mistakenly associated my approval of some of the things I linked to last week, primarily the very racist and close-minded post on the forum. Please note that just because I link to something doesn’t mean that I approve of the content or the point of view. It requires an open mind to realize that it takes all kinds of people to make up the world we live in. Unfortunately, that includes people who write hate-filled screeds, racists, and religious zealots. I often link to articles and discussions that provide alternate and opposite points of view, with the hope that my readers are intelligent enough to make up their own minds about what is written (and not flame me because they are angry about the opinions presented there-in).

Yusef Islam (formerly Cat Stevens): Islam: A Home of Tolerance, not Fanaticism [via PlasticBoy]

How lame. Internet Alchemy (a defunct weblog) which was located at now points to a porn web site with incredibly lame pop-up windows that don’t close when you try to leave the site.

Winterspeak: Why Geoffrey Moore doesn’t get it. “It does not take long until upgrades are driven by the supplier’s need for more money, not the customer’s needs for a better product. This explains Microsoft’s legendary “we’ve added features that just one person requested” attitude.”

The Gartner Group is recommending that companies stop using Microsoft IIS. Hmmm, smart sysadmins have been saying this for years…

Nanotechnology, Self-Reproduction & Agile Manufacturing

Robots: Re-Evolving Mind or Mass Utility Robots this Decade, Full Automation this Century

Robocup is an annual competition where teams of robots are created to play soccer against other teams of robots. Way cool!

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