Request: I’m considering …

Request: I’m considering renting a car and taking off for a few days. I might drive to Des Moines for the GNOMEdex conference this weekend (which may not happen). If you’re in the NYC area and want to share the driving with me and attend the conference, email me and we’ll talk about it — not sure if I’m going yet, but I do feel like getting out of town for a while until things return to normal (if ever).

12:02 AM: The events of yesterday are not over. We are a country who is seeking strong leadership and direction, and we have yet to see it. A four-minute poorly-written speech delivered nearly twelve hours after events began is clearly not enough to sway my opinion of President Bush. I hope to see Bush inform the country today of his administration’s plans on how we, as a country, are going to deal with this tragedy. I hope to hear that our intelligence community has learned of who is responsible. And I hope that we take swift and serious action in response to the thousands of innocent people who needlessly died. Anything less will be seen as a failure of Presidential duties.

12:13: AM: This photo (link removed because some jerk replaced it with porn) of people standing at the windows of the World Trade Center shortly before the collapse brings it all home. Here’s another photo of people jumping/falling to their deaths from the towers.

12:42 AM: Jason Kottke has an excellent collection of links to sites and weblogs covering the tragedy. Some of the amateur photographs are truly amazing.

12:55 AM: This Amazon Donation page for the American Red Cross seems to be getting an extraordinary amount of hits and donations. Tragedy always unites people.

1:39 AM: Reports are saying the hijackers used knives and box-cutters to hijack the four airplanes that ended up being used as giant flying bombs. Apparently, knives up to four inches are allowed to be carried on board. Unsubstantiated reports now say that the hijackers used plastic-handled devices with razor blades stuck in them. They also started killing stewardesses to lure the pilots from the cockpit in order to gain control of the plane. The knives were constructed from pieces hidden in shaving kits.

11:44 AM: Apparently, passengers on the flight that crashed near Pittsburgh rushed the hijackers, which resulted in the plane crashing in rural Pennsylvania instead of it’s intended target (said to be Camp David or another target in D.C.).

12:32 PM: Investigators in Boston have found luggage containing a copy of the Koran, a fuel consumption calculator, and a videotape of how to fly commercial jets. They have also seized a rental car that contained Arabic-language flight training manuals.

8:04 PM: This very cool infrared satellite photo taken at 11:55 AM yesterday shows the sheer impact the WTC collapse had on the island of Manhattan.

8:08 PM: More and more evidence is pointing to Osama bin Laden as being behind yesterday’s terrorist attacks.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at September 12, 2001 12:29 PM

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