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XML Magazine has a great interview with Adam Bosworth of Crossgain (since acquired by BEA) about next-generation Web services and XML. [via RealWorldASP.net]

Business Week: The Fiber-Optic “Glut” — in a New Light

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire won the Hugo Award for Best Sci-Fi Novel. It makes me wonder how much influence wide-spread popularity has on this decision. For instance, one of the most original Sci-Fi novels I’ve read in the past five years is Jim Munroe’s Angry Young Spaceman, but I fear that such a novel will be ignored simply because it’s not backed by a huge publisher with lots of money to spend on marketing.

CotDC: The Tao of Windows Buffer Overflow

Comparing Microsoft IIS and Apache HTTP Server. “Keeping up with the security holes is just too costly. The manpower costs of dealing with the flood of security problems that have plagued Microsoft’s webserver can cripple an IS department or an entire small business. Microsoft has issued 21 security bulletins for IIS 5.0 alone, a number that is increasing at the rate of about one every three weeks.”

The Rising Costs of Software Complexity

The Visual Language of Experts in Graphic Design

Wow! Hewlett-Packard to Acquire Compaq in $25 Billion Deal

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