NY Times: Sinister …

NY Times: Sinister Aspects of Japanese Animation. Ooh, I am definitely going to go check this exhibit out. I don’t think susank (my coworker, who runs punkchick) knows this about me, but I am a closet anime/manga fan. [via punkchick]

Clay Shirky: Emergent Internet Operating System

Request: Can someone recommend a good screen printer in NYC? I want to get about a hundred CamWorld t-shirts printed up. I’m looking for high quality. No cheap stuff, which is why I’m avoiding services like Cafe Press. Yes, there will be CamWorld t-shirts for sale (at cost) as soon as they are available. Email or IM me.

Byte: Who Controls the Bootloader. “But of the four, only Hitachi actually shipped a machine with BeOS pre-installed. The rest apparently backed off after a closer reading of the fine print in their Microsoft Windows License agreements.”

amundsen.com: Big Tent or Tower of Babel? More Microsoft smoke and mirrors? [via Scripting News]

I should call Microsoft Tech Support and complain that WindowsXP won’t install on my Mac. This screengrab from a promotional Flash video clearly shows XP running on old Mac hardware. Heh.

Andrew Odlyzko: Talk, Talk, Talk: So who needs streaming video on a phone? The killer app for 3G may turn out to be–surprise–voice calls

Posted by Cameron Barrett at August 28, 2001 09:49 PM

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