Winterspeak: Why Gnome …

Winterspeak: Why Gnome and KDE are misguided. Also don’t miss the the reprint of “Paradox of the Active User“.

A List Apart: Practical CSS Layout Tips, Tricks and Techniques

WebReview: Eleven Great Collaboration Tools

Text-friendly authoring topics. [via Zeldman]

Just say no! Funny, funny. These guys want to return-to-sender 1,000,000 AOL CDs. You know your marketing efforts are despised when people dream up this kind of thing…

Derek and Heather are trying to unravel a mystery. Can you help?

Brunching Shuttlecocks: The Star Wars Movie Title Generator

Request: I just ordered myself a new PowerMac G4/533 to run OS X on. All the old Macs I have lying around just can’t handle OS X very well so I am biting the bullet and buying new. I’m also in the market for a good cheap (used?) Wintel box that I can run Windows2000 on. Since I know very little about shopping for Wintel boxes, I could use some advice. Where is a good place to pick up a cheap box for development purposes? Perhaps dot-com auctions? Email.

Links about wireless image formats:

The Nokiko SVG Project. (Awesome design!)

xmlhack: Comparing SVG with Flash

The Wireless Internet: Applications, Technology and Market Strategies

Sun: Enabling Web Applications for Wireless Devices

WAPBlogger is a WAP interface (enabled via the Blogger API)that lets you publish to your Blogger-powered weblog via your WAP-enabled cell phone or mobile device.

Excellent. Julian Haight has released the source code for SpamCop.

Research: Make It Flow: Achieving the Optimal User Experience

Very cool bitmap fonts.

ZDNet: Why Apple’s bass-ackwards Unix approach is the right way

An interesting article about the City of Austin and Microsoft regarding ongoing talks about standardizing on MS-only software. “There is an insidious aspect to a citywide, multi-year plan. It locks users into Microsoft products only.” And Microsoft’s revenue plans start to unravel…

ASP News: J2EE and .Net: Two Roads Diverge in XML

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