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IBM detailed plans last week to merge its WebSphere Portal Server framework with the K-Station collaborative portal offerings from its Lotus Development subsidiary. The result will be a framework to house forthcoming Web services.

PDAs increasingly vulnerable to hackers. This is something to think about. The other day I was thinking about the interconnectivity of the next-generation of cell phones — you know, the ones that allow people to play networked games, transfer data, etc. — and I figure it will only be a matter of time before some clever person writes a cellphone virus that propagates itself using a security hole in any one of the various technologies that make up the operating platforms of cell phones. For instance, imagine yourself in a movie theatre (or other public place) and all of a sudden several dozen cell phones start ringing and beeping, playing out a musical tune. We must start thinking about cell phones and Internet-connected PDAs as nodes on the same global network as our Internet-connected home and business computers, especially since most next-generation cell phones will come with Web Services and Internet capabilities built-in.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at August 18, 2001 02:43 PM

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