Is that Linux …

Is that Linux in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

China Overtakes the U.S. As No. 1 Cell-Phone Market.

Is Design Dead? Good essay on software design and Extreme Programming.

William Hermany has pointed me towards a company called Etherage that is making an attachable mini-keyboard for Handspring Visors and Palm Pilots. Very cool stuff that may actually cause me to brush the dust off my Palm… [via Chromoscope]

Word on the street is that Andy Wang, the guy behind Ironminds is giving it up and not maintaining the site anymore. I met Andy last month at WebZineNYC 2001 and he said he was working on a new project: an alternative magazine for the outer boroughs of NYC. Even though I will miss Andy’s work on Ironminds, I wish him luck with his new project.

O’Reilly Open Source Conference: Shared Source vs. Open Source: Panel Discussion [transcript]

Newsforge: Secretaries use Linux, taxpayers save millions Architectural Style. Summary of an XML-DEV discussion concerning the utility and short-comings of XSLT.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at August 15, 2001 03:37 PM

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