Microsoft has released …

Microsoft has released the next beta version of WinCE, codenamed Talisker. Anyone working in the PDA or wireless handheld market should be paying attention.

Recent reports are saying that the Microsoft IIS Code Red Worm has already cost nearly US$2B in damage and expenses. This is pretty incredible for a product that has only 20% marketshare. What if the marketshare figures for Apache and IIS were reversed (Microsoft wishes so) and IIS had a 63% marketshare? We’d all be getting phone calls from our moms and Grandmas asking “Why is the Internet broken?”

Press Release: Sprint Keeps Customers Entertained with Games on
the Sprint PCS Wireless Web
. Interesting to watch the U.S. wireless firms follow the lead of the success DoCoMo’s i-mode has had in Japan.

Linux Today: Will Open Source Lose the Battle for the Web? Lots of interesting points made here. Argh, more stuff to think about…

ComputerWorld: Is Linux ready for the corporate desktop?

Posted by Cameron Barrett at August 14, 2001 03:36 PM