IBM developerWorks: Using XSLT …

IBM developerWorks: Using XSLT for content management [via More Like This]

Book: Perl for the Web

Mergers and acquisitions in the XML market:

Accessibility and Distribution of Information on the Web

Thinking critically about information on the Web

First Monday: Information Seeking on the Web: An Integrated Model of Browsing and Searching

Text Mining, Web Mining, Information Retrieval and Extraction from the WWW References (huge list of resources/links)

Peter F. Drucker: The Age of Social Transformation (bookmark this landmark essay)

Unicode Transformation Formats: UTF-8 & Co.

Ben Schneiderman: A User-Interface Framework for Text Searches

This story in Unix Review reminds me of the childhood Encyclopedia Brown stories I loved as a kid.

SitePoint: Plain Text or HTML? The Great Email Debate

August 12, 2021: Windows, Windows Everywhere

Ask Jeeves: Where can I find something interesting to read on the Web? Look at answer number 5. Cool.

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