WebTechniques: Getting Up to …

WebTechniques: Getting Up to Speed with Velocity. At work, we recently switched our templating framework from Webmacro to Velocity, and it is indeed much better.

Wow, do I get some weird spam. Buddy, you’ve been drinking too much of that religious Kool-Aid again. Update: I just received this spam a second time with a new subject “My testimony and new email address from greg” and a new email address. Dude, there’s a reason why your first email account was cancelled…

A reader I respect very highly actually sent in a negative vote for using the free DNS services at granitecanyon.com, citing that they’re often down for weeks at a time.

Eric S. Raymond: Open Source — it’s about control, and maybe about healing

Ah yes, now this is a great use of computer simulation technology. At last, my mind is at ease…

Interesting new weblog: Kamat AnthoBLOGy. Keep an eye on this one…

The Japanese love their pet rabbits. The Japanese love to put weird things on their pet rabbits’ heads… [via Fury]

Library of Congress: Digital Formats for Content Reproductions

ArsDigita White Paper: Collaboration and Flexibility: Critical for Efficient Content Management

Separating content from display/structure links:

Computer-mediated writing/discussion/groupware

Microsoft: Authoring HTML for Middle Eastern Content

Congratulations to the Netscape (and Mozilla!) teams for getting Netscape 6.1 out the door. It’s so much better than 6.0, it has a chance of becoming a great alternate browser to the beast that is IE 6.0.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at August 11, 2001 12:34 PM