Today is wireless technology …

Today is wireless technology research day on CamWorld:

SatireWire: Bushblog, George W. Bush’s weblog

Looks like Borland might be working on the interoperability issues between Sun’s Java and Microsoft’s .NET. By the way, if you haven’t read Breaking Windows: How Bill Gates Fumbled the Future of Microsoft, I highly recommend it as a way of understanding Microsoft’s business decisions of the past five years. [via]

OSopinion: Open Source for Good Health

Business 2.0: AOL vs. Microsoft: The Cosmic Struggle Over You

Intranet Journal: Why an Intranet Must Constantly be Updated – And Steps to Take to Make Sure It Is [via LucDesk]

More compiled info on free/cheap DNS services. An Introduction to XML Digital Signatures

Posted by Cameron Barrett at August 10, 2001 11:34 PM

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